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Why we are best Immigration Consultants is amongst the top-most names in the immigration industry and a very reliable immigration firm with an exceptional track of thousands of successful PR and Work Visa applications. Following are some of the major reasons that make us the best immigration consultancy for Canada/ Europe/ Australia/ USA/ London & Newzealand Work Visa:

  • Step-by-Step guiding through process and eligibility.

  • Maintains transparency & Secure Online Process.

  • Reasonable Consultation Charges for visa.

  • Our only mission is your success with zero defect.

  • Complaint Redressal system for any process.

  • Experience of more than 10,000 processed applications.

  • Each Case is reviewed 3 times before submission

  • Easy assessment of the qualification and other skills.

  • A one- stop shop for all your immigration needs.



Canada is one of the most popular destinations since almost 3,00,000 immigrants arrive here every year and deciding to work in Canada is a significant step in the life of an individual who wants to go for this dream. Canadian work visas are mainly based on the skilled worker points based system. One of the visas known as Federal skilled worker visa is a very popular visa and is meant for people with high skills in their occupation and experience. The other category of Canadian work visas includes the business immigrants.

Benefits :- 3000-5000 dollar monthly + Accomodation+ Food + Insurance + OT 


Australia is a land with a culturally diverse society, exhibiting strong economic growth every single day making it an ideal place for immigrants to settle in and lead their life. The country takes immense pleasure in welcoming skilled workers from all parts of the world and encourages them to settle in the Australian Continent & contribute to the economic growth of Australia in turn offering the immigrants an abundant number of benefits & a high standard of life which they could only imagine.

Australian Flags

Benefits :- 2500-4000 dollar monthly + Accomodation+ Food + Insurance + OT 

New York Office

New Zealand

In a country growing as quickly as New Zealand, there is an ongoing need for highly skilled and educated workers. As a way of encouraging skilled migrants to make New Zealand their new long-term home and place of employment, New Zealand has streamlined the application and acceptance procedures for individuals and families that meet the criteria of the Skilled Migrant Category.

Benefits :- 2500-4000 dollar monthly + Accomodation+ Food + Insurance + OT 


Germany job seeker visa is for foreign national who intend to work in Germany. The visa allows them for a continuous stay and job search in Germany for 6 months. Germany job seeker visa (long or short term) is a temporary residence permit. WVP International is one of the best Germany PR visa and jobseeker visa consultants in Delhi that is very well-known for its consultancy provide across all India who require a visa, especially Indians.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Benefits :- 1500-3000 dollar monthly + Accomodation+ Food + Insurance + OT 

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